About Us

Who We Are

Parents for Fun in Flagstaff is a group of volunteer parents from our community whose vision was to provide a safe place where the parents, families and children of Flagstaff County could be supported in a designated indoor space. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the support of the community, this dream was realized when the Family Resource Centre was opened in 2010.

We continue to fundraise to keep admission cost low enough to ensure access for all families in our community and to ensure our sustainability as a fixture of Flagstaff County far into the future.

Vision Statement

To provide a safe place where parents, families and children of Flagstaff County are supported in a designated indoor space. This space will provide opportunities to break down familial isolation barriers, provide support systems, assist in building sustainable and dynamic communities and provide a place to encourage young children to be active and healthy with their peers.

Board of Directors

  • Shelly Morken - Chairperson
  • Jodi Campbell - Vice-Chairperson
  • Janna Freadrich - Secretary
  • Cherise Backen - Treasurer
  • Melissa Ferguson
  • Kristin Matier
  • Jocelyn Miller
  • Kim Stefanic
  • Pam Wesley

Program Facilitator


Meet Jessica Docksteader! She wears many hats… she is our Program Facilitator, a mom, a wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and friend.

If Jessica’s personality could be in a bottle, the bottle would read: enthusiastic, outgoing and compassionate. It’s all about living your life to the fullest and cherishing the small things, as one day you look back and realize they were the big things.

Jessica is passionate about children and family support because it lays the foundation for all that is to come! She loves babies, food, traveling and community!

Assistant Program Facilitator


Meet Kim Stefanic - our new Assistant Program Facilitator! She sat on the board of directors since the very beginning and is super excited to be involved now with the daily excitement.

If Kim’s personality could be bottled, it would read: kind, compassionate, and organized. She ran a dayhome for more than 10 years and absolutely LOVES kids.

Kim is also passionate about children and family support. When she moved to the area 8 years ago, it was Parent Link Playgroup that helped her make friends and become involved in the community.

Facility Custodian

  • Shauna Hebert

Continuing Funders

We would like to acknowledge our continued funders for their support:

  • Flagstaff County
flagstaff county logo

What Our Members Have to Say...

"The indoor playground is great for families, like mine, that have 2 young children. It's a place we can come on cold winter days to get out of the house, burn some energy & the moms get to talk to a grown up! I love the programs they have, such as sport ball, my daughter looks so forward to it! We are so privileged to have this is our area!"

-Katie Freadrich

"We probably use the indoor playground at least twice a month. It is a great way for parents and kids to get out, especially when the weather isn't the greatest! We love the monthly book clubs and various programs for kids. Keep up the great work!"

-Lindsey Catherwood

"We feel so fortunate to have the Family Resource Centre in our community. I have been taking my son there since he was walking and we both love going there. It is a wonderful place for him to make friends, have fun and try new activities. We especially love having it during the long winter months. It is a great place for parents to socialize and network with other parents too. It is very well run and there are constantly new programs and activities coming up! It is such an asset and attraction to our community."

-Kristin Kueber